Type of Grills

There is a wide choice of grills on the market these days, and it’s important to choose one that suits your precise needs. The first thing you’ll need to determine before you shop is how your new backyard grill will be used; grilling only? Grill smoke and rotisserie? The second thing to consider is the type of fuel to be used, and last, is how many people will you be cooking for?

Type of Grills

The surface cooking area of the grill directly affects the price. For the big family reunions, you’ll want a big barbecue. The size of the grill should not be your only criteria for choosing a grill, you may want to broil foods on a rotisserie. 

The Hibachi

These small cast-iron grills originated in Japan. They are inexpensive, easy to use, and transportable. The only cooking method for this is direct grilling, which is suitable for steaks, chops, fish, and vegetables. Apartment dwellers and beachgoers prefer this model.

The Disposable Grill

These small one time use grill will last for about an hour and are ideal for picnics and beach outings. They get hot enough to grill steaks, chops, burgers, and the sorts.

The Portable Grill

These usually fold for compatibility. Again the only cooking method for this is direct grilling good for steaks, chops, fish, and vegetables.

The Kettle Grill

Perfect for the backyard, this impressive type of grill has a cooking surface big enough to accommodate a few large steaks, a dozen burgers or kebabs. The lid can be used to cook a lower temperature and smoke some types of food.

The Brick BBQ

Brick barbeque pits have a separate charcoal chamber that allows you to safely and easily adjust coals levels from the bottom of the pit chamber to within a few inches of the cooking surface. These can be quite expensive to build, but they do enhance the look of a backyard.

Gas Grill

The gas grill has a large surface area, and they are easy to use and maintain. The more expensive models have many burners for precise temperature controls, and some have a back burner used for a rotisserie.

The Chargriller

These units can be used as charcoal grills for direct high heat cooking or as a wood smoker for authentic low and slow barbecue. They are easy to use and inexpensive,