Black Sesame Ramen

Black Sesame Ramen

Our menu consists of a selection of ramens, uramaki sushi rolls, nigiris, and sashimis, as well as a kitchen selection of noodles, seaweed salads, tempuras, grilled meats and teppanyaki dishes.

We also offer a lunch menu and an evening menu.



Sushi Moriawase 18.50€
Mixed plate 4 nigiri, 4 uramaki and 4 sashimi


Maki Moriawase 21.50€
Mixed plate of uramakis: 16 pieces (4 nagoya, 4 hotate, 4 ronin, 4 spicy salmon) 

Nigiri Moriawase 10.50€
Mixed plate of 5 nigiris: 2 tuna, 2 salmon, 1 white fish

Poble Sec Maki (8 pieces) 12.50€
Salmon maki in tempura, topped with salmon tartare, sweet teriyaki sauce, chives and sesame seeds

Aburi Nigiri (2 pieces)
Rice covered with lightly seared fish
– Tuna nigiri lightly seared, with chef’s sauce 5.50€
– Salmon nigiri lightly seared, with masago 3.50€


Clam Ramen 8.50€
Our healthy option, clam broth with mountain potato, yuzu and clams

Samurai Iberico Ramen 8.50€
Pork and chicken broth

Miso Ramen 8.50€
Pork and chicken broth with miso

Kimchi Ramen 9.50€
picy option with korean kimchi

(v) Tan Tan White Sesame ramen 8.50€
slightly spicy peanut based broth, with bok choi, fried seitan,white sesame, spring onions and peanuts

(v) Tan Tan Black Sesame ramen 8.50€
lightly spicy black sesame based broth, with bok choi, fried seitan, spring onions and walnuts




Finest quality raw fish (6 pieces)
– Tuna 12.50€
– Salmon 7.50€


Rice balls, topped with the finest quality raw fish (2 pieces)
– Tuna 5.00€
– Salmon 3.00€
– White fish 4.50€
– Eel 6.50€


Salmon tartare with avocado and ponzu sauce 8.50€

Tuna tartare – tuna, avocado, pine nuts, quails egg (possible without) 12.50€

Tuna tataki – seared tuna slices, with garlic chips and spring onion 9.50€

(v) Miso soup with seaweed, tofu and spring onion 3.90€

(v) Edamame – steamed soy beans with rock salt 3.90€

(v) Aubergine miso dengaku fried aubergine with sweet miso 5.50€

(v) Wakame Salad – 3 types of Asian seaweed with a sesame sauce 8.50€

Crispy cubes crispy rice cubes topped with a mild spicy tuna 8.50€

Pork Gyoza – 5 homemade pork and vegetable dumplings 6.50€

Karaage – chicken breast Japanese style, with wasabi mayonnaise 7.50€

Wagyu Gyoza – 5 homemade wagyu beef, foie gras and ginger dumplings 9.50€

Tempura and Main Plates

Aubergine & Salmon – aubergine in tempura, topped with salmon tartare 6.90€

Yakisoba Chicken – sautéed noodles with chicken and vegetables 8.90€

(v) Yakisoba Vegetable – sautéed noodles and vegetables 7.90€

(v) Tempura Kakiage – vegetables in tempura with tentsuyu sauce 8.90€

Ebi Tempura – 6 king prawns in tempura with tentsuyu sauce 10.90€



Sushi rolls with rice on the outside (8 pieces)

California Roll 10.50€
Sushi roll filled with crab and avocado, covered in masago

Hotate 14.50€
King prawn in tempura with avocado, topped with scallops and balsamic sauce

Tatami 13.50€
Spicy tuna, asparagus and tempura bits, topped with tuna tataki and tataki sauce

Dragon 14.00€
Grilled eel, foie gras and cucumber, wrapped in avocado with unagi sauce

Malibu Sunset 12.50€
Tuna, mango and red lettuce, wrapped in seared salmon with avocado and a honey, ginger sauce

Jalapeño 12.50€
King crab, coriander and crispy onions, wrapped in white fish sashimi, jalapeños and jalapeño sauce

Nagoya 11.50€
King prawn in tempura with avocado, wrapped in seared salmon, caramelized onions and miso mayonnaise

Rainbow 11.50€
Salmon in tempura, wrapped in a rainbow of salmon, tuna and white fish

Tobikko 10.90€

King prawn in tempura with avocado, topped with tobikko roe (flying fish eggs)


Spicy tuna with crunchy tempura bits, topped with sesame seeds 11.50€

Spicy salmon with crunchy tempura bits, covered in masago 9.50€

Ronin – salmon and avocado 8.50€


Thin sushi rolls with seaweed on the outside (6 pieces)

Tekka – the classic tuna roll 7.50€
Salmon 6.00€
Salmon and cream cheese 6.50€

(v) Kappa Maki – cucumber 4.50€

(v) Aguacate Maki – avocado 5.50€

Hot Sobugen – salmon, avocado and cream cheese, fried in breadcrumbs 10.90€


Chocolate Brownie 4.25€
Homemade chocolate brownie with vanilla icecream

Green Tea Ice Cream 4.95€

Mochi 5.95€
Traditional Japanese pudding made from rice flour, filled with mousse
– Green Tea or Strawberry –

Cheesecake 5.25€
Homemade, with fruits of the forest topping

Homemade Green Tea Tiramisu 5.25€

Chocolate Fondant 6.25€
With vanilla ice cream


Kirin: Draught beer from Japan 2.75€

Bottles of Beer

Estrella Galicia 2.50€
1906 3.00€
Galicia 0.0 2.50€
Asahi 3.00€


Atsukan (hot) 120ml 3.75€
Atsukan (hot) 240ml 6.75€

Masu Sake

Cold sake served in traditional cedar wood ‘masu’

Karatanba 6.00€
Kubota Senju (Niigata) 7.50€
Okunomatsu (Junmai) 7.50€
Daiginjo 9.00€

Soft Drinks

All 2.00€

Coca Cola, Coke Zero, Schweppes Lemon, Schweppes Orange, Nestea, Still Mineral Water, Sparkling Mineral Water


White                           Glass/Bottle

TERRA NOSTRA           2.75€/10.50€
D.O. Penedes

MASPUJADO                3.75€/13.50€
100% Xarello

FENOMENAL                4.00€/15.50€

PERRO VERDE              4.50€/16.75€

ABADIÁ                          6.00€/22.50€


TERRA NOSTRA           2.75€/10.50€
D.O. Penedes

CA NÉSTRUC                 3.75€/13.50€

FINCA RESALSO           5.00€/18.50€
Finca Resalso

LA MONTESA                6.50€/24.00€


DUC DE FOIX                2.95€/12.50€
D.O. Penedes

SANTA DIGNA              na/27.50€
Estelado Rosé

MASPUJADO                 na/22.50€
Brut Nature Reserva


TERRA NOSTRA           2.95€/12.50€
D.O. Penedes

Our menu and wine list is always evolving. Prices may be subject to change.