Basic BBQ Tools

Basic BBQ Tools

Wireless Thermometer

Cooking a backyard-barbecue pork loin to precisely the proper temperature without fuss is a snap with this thermometer. You can even monitor two foods (beef and lamb, for instance) simultaneously since two stainless-steel probes are included, each 6 inches long and each connected to a 39-inch stainless-steel wire.

Rosewood Handle BBQ Tool Set

This set of five handsome barbecue grill tools makes a terrific gift for the outdoor chef. Each utensil consists of a business end constructed of polished, heavy-gauge stainless steel attached to a beautifully curved rosewood handle that is sanded to a flawlessly smooth surface. Finger and thumb grooves on each handle provide leverage, while a loop of either leather (on the tongs) or stainless steel allows hanging within easy reach. These are very durable, well-constructed tools.

The Original Grillslinger BBQ Tool Belt

For the outdoor cook who finds that sometimes two hands aren’t enough, the Original Grillslinger BBQ tool belt makes multi-tasking between gourmet burgers, seared ahi, and marinated veggies a cinch. This handy chef’s aid features a wide, nylon belt with four deep, reinforced side pockets that can each hold a number of larger sized tools. Included is a starter set of three popular utensils: a wide spatula, an all-purpose knife, and scalloped tongs, all with a long, sturdy rubber handle to keep hands safe and cool near the grill. The belt adjusts easily with a sliding silver buckle engraved with the handsome Grillslinger logo, and the black and gray color scheme looks sleek while hiding those inevitable sauce stains. Crafted of sturdy, heavyweight metal, the tools store right in the belt, and everything goes into a handy mesh bag between uses.

Non-Stick Square 12-Inch Wok

Grilled asparagus and button mushrooms taste fantastic, but have a tendency to fall through the grill. This 12-inch square wok with handles sits directly on a gas or charcoal grill and keeps cut veggies contained and easy to turn. A grid of small round holes on the bottom and sides allows heat to circulate evenly and lets vegetables steam from dripping juices. Make a vegetarian stir-fry with a peanut sauce, or add scallops or bite-size pieces of chicken. The black, nonstick finish cleans easily after use and is dishwasher-safe. A five-year warranty covers the wok against defects.